Supporting men through difficulties in their mental and physical ill health, ultimately to prevent suicide.


The group has a great set of lads, and I class them as my ManHealth family, everyone is there to support each other, and supported me when I needed it the most, I'm grateful to you all, while I'm not around I hope your own journeys lead you to a good place, where you can say I'm in a great place and where I want to be.
Take care all.

Hi. I have just recently joined Manhealth but already it has helped me so much.

It has helped me to share my feelings, communicate how I am doing and discuss my mental illness for the first time outside my own home. I enjoy hearing from others who I can relate to - and as a result I don't feel as isolated with this condition.

I am hoping the group continues to go from strength to strength and I value it hugely. I hope to continue to be part of it going forward.

Specific thanks to Alistair the facilitator who does a great job for all of us participants.

Before coming to ManHealth I was struggling to get motivated to get out of bed, let alone leave the house. I felt disconnected from family, friends and had lost all interest in everything. I was having panic attacks, quick to lose my temper, having erratic mood swings and getting angry very quickly.

Since starting at ManHealth over 2 years ago I have learnt why I was this way and what was wrong with me. They have showed me how to work through my mental health problems and some coping techniques. The ongoing support helps me in my ongoing recovery.

ManHealth has helped me so much I can’t thank them enough.

ManHealth has been with me through my highs and lows and was there when I felt that I had nothing going for me. I truly believe that without ManHealth, I wouldn't be here.

I suffer from depression and anxiety. ManHealth gives me a place where I can talk about how I really feel inside without being judged. Anyone with a mental health issue I would recommend going along to a manhealth support group.

Dean - Newton Aycliffe Group

Over the years I have had some great times and some not so great but recently found myself struggling with a few things that are going on. I didn’t really think about it too much as I am always staying strong for others around me.

Paul from ManHealth came on site as a guest speaker and I found myself staring at the “Where’s Your Head At” sheet and soon realised I wasn’t feeling my usual self and needed to take more care of myself. I always thought it was selfish to do so but Paul sharp told me “you can’t help anyone when you can’t help yourself” (you can’t pour from an empty cup).

Paul informed the group all about the ManHealth program and the support they offer and that’s what got my attention so I told myself I should go even if it was just once to see what it is all about. I was very anxious and worried about what to expect but as soon as I walked through the doors, I was welcomed by everyone.

We were all encouraged to talk about what we are going through but only if we felt comfortable and there was an option to have a 1 to 1. While talking to the group it brought out things that I never thought were bothering me and having spoken about it I got some great advice from the ManHealth group facilitator and the other men in the group. It felt like a weight had been lifted having spoken about it.

Once a few formal things were done at the start of the session, we all chatted over a cuppa and had a good laugh. I have already made friends with the guys and said I will return for the next session and the upcoming car show meet.

ManHealth peer support is a free, instant, well-run, no appointment needed, friendly and informative group that men who are struggling with mental or physical health will most likely benefit from. Guys come even when feeling good to maintain the good place they’re in and support others.

It is different than other mental health care provisions, session are facilitated and ran by and attended by men with lived experience.

Ben Fidler

"I write this for anyone who is going through hard and tumultuous times. Please seek help. Whether it’s a recent issue or a long-standing one, your mental health matters because you matter. Bottling it up does not work, believe me. I have tried it and I’m never going back. The weight of your emotional and mental pain will not be eased by doing nothing. Do not accept that the issues you’re facing are “just the way it is”. Speak to loved ones, those who have a duty of care for you, a charity, or even a support group. I have started attending ManHealth myself.

"There is help out there. It could just be a conversation away. Find ways to release that which burdens you. You are not weak for speaking up. You are brave, honest and deserving of love, especially self-love. You are enough."

I have opened up about my struggles. Now I am challenging myself to complete The Five Peak Challenge. Please help me raise money and awareness for ManHealth. Together we can get the conversation started.

I attended the Darlington session tonight and went in feeling half decent about my day / week.

I have come out feeling like this is a game changer and this is going to help me massively I will be back.

So thanks a lot guys and here’s to helping each other along the way.

Sean Hodgeson.


I have attended multiple ManHealth groups since September 2018, I have found them hugely beneficial in supporting my journey through depression. Just attending the session makes me feel much better each week.

It’s All about Talking, It Really Is!

I have been attending Man Health Darlington group since March 2019 & have found all of it very beneficial. The group facilitators who deliver the group sessions are for me very inspiring because they are quick to reassure you that you are not alone. The topics that are delivered are not only amazing but also educational, this has been great for me as the more I learn about my mental illness the more knowledge I gain and in turn helped me accept and adapt to living with it. The sessions also give me time to talk and share my emotions and how I’m feeling whether it’s positive or negative, this has helped me be open and honest to those close to me. My self-esteem is much better; I am confident and competent in whatever I’m doing. The support tools that ManHealth encourage you to complete have given me a great focus in planning my week as I’m now connecting with family, old friends gained new hobbies. I started to exercise to help my symptoms & now I’m a regular at the Gym. My diet is better therefore I have lost weight, got more energy & more motivation. I now speak at business meetings, healthcare training sessions etc. to not only help me but to raise awareness that it’s ok to talk about mental health. I have and continue to meet caring and helpful gentleman who also attend the group sessions but hearing how they all deal with their mental health has made me feel an instant connection with them all.

The brilliance of ManHealth is not only do you get to attend the group but there are scheduled events you can do to also help your mental health like join in on a walk, I attend the group every Friday and with a closed Facebook group and contact details available to access when needed I feel I am in a very safe place. ManHealth continues to support my health and wellbeing with encouragement, reassurance and a reminder that I am valuable person.

I am very grateful for all the support that I have received to help get me to where I am today.

It’s a long journey with rough roads but smooth roads are up ahead.

I’m just messaging to say I’ve realised this week that it’s been a full year I’ve been going to the ManHealth sessions now. I still feel like its early days but the support, friendship, strategies and general advice I’ve received has meant more to me than I can put into a WhatsApp message. I’m in a much better place in myself than a year ago in terms of my awareness of my own mental health condition and mental health in general. Thank you for giving me this tool, it’s been invaluable. Thanks especially to David and Michael for the atmosphere you have fostered in the group, it made me feel a sense of belonging to a community instantly. Keep doing what you’re doing. Stepping through that door was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

I have found ManHealth to be much bigger than a support group. ManHealth is about empowering ourselves and healing. There are enough of us in the groups. We are all on our own journey, but we're all in this together. Everyone brings something different to the table. Sharing our experiences and being empathetic is more powerful than any therapist. That is the healing power of a family, who gets each other, who validates each other. Lots of us don't get that from our own families. How can us, when they have never experienced it themselves.

Attending ManHealth is helping me develop a healthy sense of self. Since I started attending the groups I have improved my self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-esteem and self-worth. By attending the groups regularly, connecting with other group members and utilising the tools available, I feel more confident and now lead a better quality of life.


" Only been attending 6 months. So wish I plucked the courage to attend earlier. Where I am today 6 months on is unbelievable. So much weight has been taken off my shoulders in such a short time makes me think there is so much to hope and strive for going forward. Thank you to all you fantastic guys."

Just wanted to reach out after attending the Darlington group meeting last night.

It was definitely a positive experience, it was good that I could relate in some way to everyone who spoke. What stood out for me was that I instantly felt at ease as the room was full of understanding, support & a feeling of brotherhood.



The sessions are informative, fun and you can talk honestly about how you are feeling. The friendship has been invaluable; the people are really supportive. It’s properly planned where we discuss a weekly topic. There is a choice of resources, video’s, art therapy; discussion topics are varied and well-chosen to meet the needs of the group. I cannot recommend ManHealth highly enough, if you suffer from this life-limiting condition.

“I started attending ManHealth this year after events in my life had forced me to admit that I needed to make positive changes to better my mental health. ManHealth has been just that and more. Since joining I have found a genuine sense of community and being able to not only improve my own mental health but also help others with theirs by speaking openly in a nurturing and compassionate environment. I have made genuine friends in such a short space of time and become better equipped to maintain my own mental health. The work ManHealth do in the North East is excellent and deserves to be recognised more widely, I can’t speak highly enough of everyone involved.”



Having been told to "get on with it" "sort yourself out" "take some tablets" whilst struggling with mental health by people who have never been through it (Family, Friends) I was searching for somewhere to just be myself instead of wearing the "Mask" ManHealth came to see me at my home and explained about the groups and that they would support me through all of the usual anxieties of going to a new place and meeting new people, true to their word I was met outside and taken into the group when I was ready. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and after a few meetings this has now become a routine and I look forward to going knowing there is no pressure on me.

The Men in the groups are not looking to get anything from you just to help you on your journey whilst walking along side you.....holding you up if you need it, whilst you support them at the same time. It is a true experience that ManHealth deliver just to show you are not alone. My sincere gratitude to the team of Manhealth who have supported me over the past 6 months it has been a massive help in my recovery and long it may continue.......


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