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“Please may I give you some feedback regarding the Darlington group?

The group is lead by men who have experienced mental health conditions therefore have better understanding. The group leaders are very enthusiastic when delivering the topics and do help motivate you to join in the group whether that be talking or using the support tools (paperwork) but no pressure to do so & do not judge.

I always leave the group with a positive mind set & this does help me plan my week along with the support tools I am given.

It’s also very reassuring that if needed Man Health are also available outside of the group via social media, email & phone.

The group is very relaxed with tea & biscuits on offer but the support, care, advice, kindness & trust from the group leaders is fantastic, therefore easy for me to talk whether it’s positive or negative in my recovery.

Overall this group is helping my health & wellbeing and I’m now feeling more positive and confident in whatever daily tasks I’m doing.

I am very grateful for all of your (Man Health) time & please share with David & David the Darlington group leaders”

Many thanks



Thank you for your support last night, I was very nervous about coming but so glad I walked through the door. The information I was given is also helpful & will be filling in the paperwork that I took home with me. Reflecting on last nights group, it gave me the chance to open up and talk (a little) knowing it’s in a safe environment & support is there if needed. Today (Saturday) I woke up feeling very relaxed & I'm putting it down to being in the group last night so thank you! Looking forward to the next group session, sharing & supporting the lads! Once again Thank You


“I have attended multiple ManHealth groups since September 2018, I have found them hugely beneficial in supporting my journey through depression. David and Paul have been a fantastic tonic for me with handy tips and coping mechanisms. Just attending the session makes me feel much better each week………Phil”

David F

“Joining the ManHealth peer support group (Spennymoor) is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time. I now realise that I am not alone and countless other men have been through the same if not more than I have. The lads in the group are all brilliant and totally non-judgemental and I now have the peace of mind with the knowledge that I have friends that I can turn to for support whenever I feel the need………Alan”


“ManHealth has made a major impact on my recovery journey from severe and enduring various diagnosed mental health illnesses. The group has through educational, personal experiences, signposting and the sense of belonging to a trusting, caring and community based group. A massive thankyou to David, Paul and all the lads. I would also like to thank the Big Lottery for funding this truly worthwhile project which is growing and gathering momentum……….Wynn”

“After seeking mental health support and failing miserably, ManHealth has given me 100% support and advice changing my outlook on my mental health and well-being…………Dave”


“Being unemployed at the moment ManHealth gives me a sense of community and something positive to focus on. Talking with other blokes who are familiar with mental ill health is helpful…………Paul”

“Walking through the door for the very first time made me feel uneasy but the warm welcome I received from David, Paul and the other men put me at ease very quickly. The groups have a lot of men who manage their own mental health issues and it’s a safe non-judgemental environment as everything said in the groups is always confidential. Attending ManHealth sessions has saved my life and am feeling much much better, I also know more about my mental health issues meaning I have a number of tools in my tool box to help me manage my own mental health issues moving forward. I also listen to how the other men manage their own mental well-being………Richie”


“When I first started ManHealth I was at the bottom of a hole with thoughts of ending my life. Through attending the sessions I have learned that I am not alone in a similar position. With the support from ManHealth I am slowly climbing out of the hole. The weekly sessions gives me a platform to talk as well as listen trying new ideas on how to cope with my black dog……..Glenn”

Attending ManHealth is helping me develop a healthy sense of self. Since I started attending the groups I have improved my self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-esteem and self-worth. By attending the groups regularly, connecting with other group members and utilising the tools available , I feel more confident and now lead a better quality of life................Andy

“Paul and David have been inspirational, the sessions are informative, fun and you can talk honestly about how you are feeling. The friendship has been invaluable, the people are really supportive. Its properly planned where we discuss a weekly topic. There is a choice of resources, video’s, art therapy; discussion topics are varied and well-chosen to meet the needs of the group. I cannot recommend ManHealth highly enough, if you suffer from this life-limiting condition……Ian”

David S

“I came to ManHealth after a few sessions with Talking Changes, I got so much out of ManHealth after only a few weeks and am now back to where I wanted to be. I am in a good place now, I still go to the sessions and hope I can put something back and hopefully help someone else…….Bob”

“ManHealth has made me more aware of how widespread mental health issues are and that others have similar issues. You are NOT the only one…………..Peter”

"My son has been coming to ManHealth for the past year after struggling with his mental health on and off for a number of years. When he first came along to ManHealth it was the worst he has ever been, he was an absolute wreck and just so lost. Down to all the help and support ManHealth has given my son and us as a family, I am slowly but surely getting my son back. I can’t thank Paul and the others enough for what they have done for us and for what they still continue to do. I can’t stress enough how much this organisation is needed, you don’t realise how many men are struggling and feel like they have nowhere to go or no one to talk to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

“I have found ManHealth to be much bigger than a support group. ManHealth is about empowering ourselves and healing. There are enough of us in the groups. We are all on our own journey, but we're all in this together. Everyone brings something different to the table. Sharing our experiences and being empathetic is more powerful than any therapist. That is the healing power of a family, who gets each other, who validates each other. Lots of us don't get that from our own families. How can we, when they have never experienced it themselves……..Ian”

ManHealth featured on ITV News

"It’s All About Talking, It Really Is!

I have been attending Man Health Darlington group since March 2019 & have found all of it very beneficial. The group facilitators who deliver the group sessions are for me very inspiring because they are quick to reassure you that you are not alone. The topics that are delivered are not only amazing but also educational, this has been great for me as the more I learn about my mental illness the more knowledge I gain and in turn helped me accept and adapt to living with it. The sessions also give me time to talk and share my emotions and how I’m feeling whether it’s positive or negative, this has helped me be open and honest to those close to me. My self-esteem is much better; I am confident and competent in whatever I’m doing. The support tools that Man Health encourage you to complete have given me a great focus in planning my week as I’m now connecting with family, old friends gained new hobbies. I started to exercise to help my symptoms & now I’m a regular at the Gym. My diet is better therefore I have lost weight, got more energy & more motivation. I now speak at business meetings, healthcare training sessions etc. to not only help me but to raise awareness that it’s ok to talk about mental health. I have and continue to meet caring and helpful gentleman who also attend the group sessions but hearing how they all deal with their mental health has made me feel an instant connection with them all.

The brilliance of Man Health is not only do you get to attend the group but there are scheduled events you can do to also help your mental health like join in on a walk, I attend the group every Friday and with a closed Facebook group and contact details available to access when needed I feel I am in a very safe place. ManHealth continues to support my health and wellbeing with encouragement, reassurance and a reminder that I am valuable person.

I am very grateful for all the support that I have received to help get me to where I am today.

It’s a long journey with rough roads but smooth roads are up ahead.

Michael (Darlington Group)

Thanks to you guys at ManHealth I've finally managed to get my Mojo back........Trevor

Having been told to "get on with it" "sort yourself out" "take some tablets" whilst struggling with mental health by people who have never been through it (Family, Friends) I was searching for somewhere to just be myself instead of wearing the "Mask". ManHealth came to see me at my home and explained about the groups and that they would support me through all of the usual anxieties of going to a new place and meeting new people, true to their word I was met outside and taken into the group when I was ready.
Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and after a few meetings this has now become a routine and I look forward to going knowing there is no pressure on me.

The Men in the groups are not looking to get anything from you just to help you on your journey whilst walking along side you.....holding you up if you need it, whilst you support them at the same time.

It is a true experience that ManHealth deliver just to show you are not alone

My sincere gratitude to the team of Manhealth who have supported me over the past 6 months it has been a massive help in my recovery and long it may continue. ????

Kind Regards


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